Writing prompts are the “What Ifs” that fuel the writing process.

I seldom lack for things to write about, but I still find that choosing a good prompt and taking the opportunity to do some FreeFall* writing taps into a creative side that would otherwise go idle.

As a writer I have tried to be conscientious about jotting down the random thoughts that come my way, I am certain they hold the key to many adventures. However, the random questions that flit in and out of mind come at me too quickly. The very act of FreeFall writing generates new prompts faster than I can use them up. I know my limitations, there are too many ideas and too many paths to take, I cannot explore all of them on my own, so I will share them.

Compiling these prompts was in itself part of the ‘creative process’, so if you find rhyme or reason in my list, then you are more clever than I am. My only attempt to create structure and order was to separate the prompts into; Single Words, Simple Phrases, Complex Ideas.  That’s it.

The chronology is also a function of convenience, I’ll add new ones to the top of the list as they come to me.

So, love them, or hate them, here is my list of writing prompts. Pick your favourite one, or your favourite seven if that is easier. Use them at your discretion, and write on. ~Minkee.

*FreeFall, is stream of consciousness writing inspired by a prompt or idea. Write as quickly as possible for a preset a time limit without stopping to edit, second guess, or worry that it might be wrong. There is no right or wrong in FreeFall, just ‘write’.

Single Words

Kaleidoscope. My Version

Simple Phrases

Open Meadow. My Version
Benign Lies. My Version
Manufactured Memories
Salt Water
Beyond the Fringe

Odd Socks
Fallen Stars
Musical Notes
Flying Carpets
IKEA Moments
Bed Straw
Something Sinister
Poetic License
Reserved and Random
Picking the Lock
Moon Maiden
Stains- Seen and Unseen
The Short and Tall of It
Off the Chain
World’s End
Things to Water

Complex Ideas

Somewhere Between Light Red and Dark Pink. My Version
A Mattress Must Be Able to Hold… My Version
The Soil is Rich with Human Decay.

Trees With Faces in a Graveyard. My Version
He was built like a brick.
Things we have slept on.
Humorous ‘Antidotes’ and Poetic ‘Mussings’
Good Managers See People, Bad Managers See Money.
Shake Hands With the Devil.
Living With the Unbelievable Mind.
You Would Have Liked Him.
What are the Odds of___?
The Dog has a Problem.
What Will be Worth Money in the Future?
A Cat Roaming the Library in Search of “How To” Books.
The Threads that Hold a Family Together
Darker Than the Inside of a Black Cow.
I Wonder What Kind of Childhood They Had?
I am Going to Disobey the Rules.
Hate is Love Filled with Fear.
Playing With the Fine Line Between Evening and Night.
A ‘Team-Building’ Exercise Gone Wrong.
The Knife Would Have Cut Deeper if it hadn’t Hit Bone.
My Wounds Do Not Heal Cleanly.
It is Easier to Feign Listening Than to Come up with Something Witty to say.
Who Would Be Alive in the Spring?
Two Chairs Talking- a Dialogue.
A Backpack Holding the Universe.
Library- Today I Travel by Author.
It Smelled of Mice and Mold.
Even People Who Live There Try to Avoid It.
Hobbled by the Possibilities.


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