Tourist of the City- Sirocco Station

Sirocco Station at night

Sirocco Station at night

I’ve been advised to not ride on the LRT too late at night, but driving past the Sirocco Station after dark, I was fascinated by the inner glow of this station and made a special stop. It was actually quite attractive in a ‘giant luminous larva’ kind of way. Then the C-Train pulled into the station, bringing its own white glow accented by blue and green lights on the individual cars. Moving forward, it activated the flashing red lights of the rail crossing signals and rows of smaller cherry lights on the barrier arms joined in to create an even more colorful display—complete with clanging bells and the traffic lights of the nearby intersection—it’s like Christmas all year round. Well, maybe not, but I am easily amused.

Ground level station

Ground level station

The Sirocco station of the new west leg of the LRT sits just west of Sarcee Trail on the north side of 17th Ave. It has good parking and is close to amenities like West Market Square, but it could not be more different than the 69th St terminal. Here at Sirocco, what you see is what you get—a ground level, walk-on station with the rail line running between two platforms. Look Mom! No Stairs!

The partially covered station carries forward the unifying design theme of the new LRT line with it’s elliptical shape and copper features. It is light and airy and largely open, but there are heated shelters available for those times when light and airy are highly over-rated. These new stations do a decent job of taking Calgary’s weather conditions into account.

Copper & Glass design

Copper & Glass design

I’m looking forward to checking out the next stop. Stay tuned for 45th St station.

Once again I’ve added a link to one of the City of Calgary’s infographic videos about the Sirocco station and the local amenities for those who are interested.


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