Free Verse: Honestly, it’s free, no charge, enjoy.

Chasing Sunset

I catch the sunrise unaware,

to weave the daylight without care,

and chase the sunset if I dare.


The Weeded Path

Tall grass collapsed under its own weight, twisted by wind and rain into giant whorls like cowlicks. Only weedsthistle,dandelion, purple vetchstand tall. I crush them with a careful boot placed against their sturdy stems to bend and break.

Behind me tiny orange butterflies flutter and recover, they alight scant moments after my passing. A path forged, until grass and weeds rise again to fill the gaps and obscure the footprints of my journey into sunset. I leave white sap bleeding in my wake.

Life Music

Our lives are the instruments we play,

on strings drawn taut between sunrise and sunset.


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