For those of you who don’t know; I attend a free fall writing group on Friday mornings at the Alexandra Writing Center here in Calgary, and sometimes the work produced there makes it onto the FreeFallFriday’s blog. These are my offerings from March 21; reposted here for your reading enjoyment.

Free Fall Friday Fragments

It was all relative, yesterday’s depravity was today’s norm.

For Emma’s mother — she of solid immigrant stock who had survived the war — girls wearing pants, especially blue jeans, was some kind depravity; although not as depraved as wasting bacon fat.

Emma hated bacon fat. Her mother mixed bacon fat with golden syrup to use as a spread on toast. Emma’s friends had peanut butter and jelly on white bread, a nice Canadian option for breakfast or lunch. As she choked down bacon fat on whole wheat, Emma dreamed of having enough money to buy something as ‘depraved’ as blue jeans, (the fashionable kind, not the workman kind.) Of course, if she ate enough bacon fat mixed with syrup, it was unlikely she would ever fit into ‘fashionable’ jeans.

As an adult, Emma promised herself that she would never be as closed-minded as her parents were, until the day her own daughter came home with a…

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