Follow this Guy. His name is Cameron.

The couple of people who follow my blog know that I’m spotty at best when it comes to posting original content or even updating my list of publication credits. BUT, I do follow some excellent bloggers and I’m going to try and do a better job of sharing their wisdom and hard work with you.

For now, this is the best way I know how to spread the word when it comes to expressing my love of writing and the ongoing quest to share it with others, namely, getting published. So, call it what you will; networking, sharing a passion, maybe even disorganization or laziness on my part for not doing this research for myself, but once again I’m going to leave it to someone else to take the credit for saying it better than I can. Check it out below.

via Get Published! 16 Facebook Groups to Join for Market Calls — Cameron Filas

*EDIT: Huge thanks to Selene MacLeod for providing me links to five other Facebook groups (noted with asterisks)! Also, as rightfully pointed out by Selene: Be sure to read the group rules for each group before posting! Do not spam group pages with posts that are not allowed! Other than that, happy writing! Networking is […]

And, by the way, don’t thank me, thank Cameron Filas and the other bloggers out there who do the hard work of finding and posting information we can use.


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