In the Company of Spiders by Hermine Robinson

Hello all, here is my story “In the Company of Spiders” as published by The Fiction Pool.

A young boy discovers his life is a tangled web controlled by the women around him.

Check out the story and also check out The Fiction Pool for other excellent stories.

The Fiction Pool

The spider made herself at home in Grandma’s parlour. She sat in the wingback chair reserved for guests, with her hands folded neatly across her lap. This particular spider was dressed in widow’s black, accented with jewel tones of ruby, emerald and cobalt outlined with gold. She clashed with the beige, flocked wallpaper and the faded, chintz upholstery of the parlour and sitting there – comfortably settled in the chair – the spider surveyed the room with a critical eye as if deciding how to redecorate.

Joel peered at the spider from the safety of the hallway. He remained tucked out of sight behind the heavy, oak, doorframe – nothing visible except his straw-coloured hair and wide blue eyes – but still the spider spied him and she beckoned with a crooked finger. Come now boy, let me see you.Joel ducked out of sight. His thumb found temporary refuge…

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