My name is Hermine, but everyone calls me Minkee, and that is the name I respond to if you yell it across a crowded room.

I am a wife, the mother of two wonderful grown children, and I live in Calgary, AB Canada. Writing has always been a part of my daily routine but it took until now for me to finally make the transition from just scribbling to actually submitting and getting published. (Yep, been published: Readers Digest Canada, August 2012, pg 102, Leopard Spots)

Here at wordflights you will find my writing “flights of fancy” whether they be short stories inspired by my freefall writing efforts, or my take on local transit stations. This blog is just the start of something new so I can’t promise exactly where it will lead or how it will turn out, but that is part of the fun. Come along for the ride and share the adventure.



2 thoughts on “About

    • No, Minkee was a variation of “Mieneke” which is a more traditional Dutch nickname. However, my family laughed way too loud at the seeing-eye Minky scene when we went to see the Return of the Pink Panther in theatres. Way too loud.

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