A Trio of Characters

Thank you to RL Black for publishing my trio of circus characters as part of the May/June issue of Unbroken Journal. (Pages 77-78) The journal includes another stellar collection of evocative words and images, including a trio of poetic prose by Steve Passey starting on page 19. Check it out, share the love, and if you’re feeling brave, think about submitting to this excellent publication.


Free Verse: Honestly, it’s free, no charge, enjoy.

Chasing Sunset

I catch the sunrise unaware,

to weave the daylight without care,

and chase the sunset if I dare.


The Weeded Path

Tall grass collapsed under its own weight, twisted by wind and rain into giant whorls like cowlicks. Only weedsthistle,dandelion, purple vetchstand tall. I crush them with a careful boot placed against their sturdy stems to bend and break.

Behind me tiny orange butterflies flutter and recover, they alight scant moments after my passing. A path forged, until grass and weeds rise again to fill the gaps and obscure the footprints of my journey into sunset. I leave white sap bleeding in my wake.

Life Music

Our lives are the instruments we play,

on strings drawn taut between sunrise and sunset.

Worm Compost Bin Bonus

Red Wigglers,
Eat my garbage,
During the long winter.

Apple cores,
Wilted brown lettuce,
Goes into the Vermiposter

Amended by
Rich worm castings,
Will rejuvenate house plants.

Strange thing
Is this growing,
Beside my sturdy Bougainvillea?

From tomatoes,
Are not composted,
But nourished to grow.

that grows
supported and tall,
My worm bin bonus.

Open Meadow

A path stretches before me,
into the distance, across an open meadow,
no tree, nor mountain to mark my destination.
Above, the sky stretches blue in every direction,
clouds rise up like a staircase.
I see shapes in the clouds,
my mind works to create meaning.
The chaos of life, refined and defined
by the parameters of my imagination.
I lie down to gaze up at the endless blue,
my senses tuned to the frequency of discovery.
Counting cloud sheep until I fall asleep and dream,
of endless landscapes to explore.
One step, one word at a time.


this poem is the result of a freefall writing/photo prompt. It has been edited and revised into its current form. To read the original, check out the right side bar to access the ‘Free Fall Friday Fragments’ blog where I submit the raw material.